Based on the true story that inspired the bestseller with the same name, Little Secret is a film with three interlocked stories all connected by a single secret that converge to reveal the tragic yet beautiful lives of three families and how hope, dreams and destiny can unite people from...
Rage is the story of star-crossed lovers set against the turbulent 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand - a time when a small rugby-playing nation made a stand against the cruel and brutal South African Apartheid regime.
Follow South Auckland’s finest as they go after the gangsters, dealers and thieves with the latest in crime science, intelligence gathering and crime prevention strategies.  
  These city slickers won’t find it easy adjusting to 5am starts and days spent docking sheep, shovelling manure and pulling newborn lambs into the world!
The Course is mixture of military discipline, life skills, personal development, and culture and forces its young charges out of their comfort zone, mentally physically and emotionally. Throughout the documentary, we talk intimately with the boys, their families and the tutors to expose the “human” elements that come to the...
Four groups of teenagers, from four different schools let us into their world as they prepare for a high school hip hop dance comp held in Auckland.
When teenagers Rachel and Grace travel inside a super-powered rainbow to China, they disturb nature's balance. Using Rachel's connection to the energy of the rainbow and with help from their new friend Xiao Cheng, they must race against time to save the Earth.