An estranged daughter tries to reconnect with her belligerent mother whose mysterious illness leaves her stuck in the centre of the room – both women must accept that the mother may be turning into a tree.
An absurdist comedy about a couple that spend a week at a new-age retreat in a bid to save their marriage.
Romance. Love. Can they co-exist? Or are they blissfully entwined one moment, dangerous enemies the next? Based on the novel Here At The End Of The World We Learn To Dance by Lloyd Jones.
Three quirky old nuns go on a wild road trip to save their convent from a scheming bishop. A broken-hearted boy joins them and discovers that miracles are everywhere.
An unlikely road trip brings a daughter closer to understanding her father as they travel up New Zealand to bury his deceased estranged - an ex-con lesbian.
Shay Farrell and his motely crew of illegal treasure hunters seek revenge on the National Museum for making them criminals. But when the skates get too high, Shay has to decide what's more important - revenge, or his family?
The 1981 Springbok Tour brutally divides a rugby mad New Zealand, challenging naïve 16 year old Josh's dreams of being a film maker as he confronts the conflicting realities of loyalty and standing up for what he believes in.
After making a desperate promise to throw a birthday party for her kids, Bunny, a homeless squeegee queen must break the law to keep her word, but in doing so risks losing her children altogether.
Charlie is a feature film based on the true story of Captain Charles Upham. Considered by many to be one of the bravest men in World War II, Charles is the only combatant soldier to have received the Victoria Cross and Bar (awarded to members of the armed forces of...
Two young girls are lost in the Tasmanian wild. Saved by tigers; betrayed by humans, theirs is a journey of friendship, survival, belonging and of a father who never loses hope. More tiger than human, can they return to the world of man?