Lost Boys
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This 3 part documentary series looks at twelve teenage boys have been expelled from their schools. They have all been involved in crime and have anti-social and behavioral problems. They appear in Court and the judge gives them an ultimatum – either they complete a 15 week course or they must go to Juvenile Detention to serve their sentence ….


The Course is mixture of military discipline, life skills, personal development, and culture and forces its young charges out of their comfort zone, mentally physically and emotionally. Throughout the documentary, we talk intimately with the boys, their families and the tutors to expose the “human” elements that come to the forefront when so many different personalities are working for a common cause, to succeed.

The boys are brutally honest about themselves – who they are, why they think they are where they are, their hopes and dreams for the future, their personal history, their families, the drugs that are constantly accessible to them, their feelings about the course, the tutors, the other boys – we begin to understand that these boys’ lives are complex and that things are definitely not black and white!

This is a raw social commentary with a series of unpredictable highs and lows. This is compelling viewing, with a real insight into delinquent teenage boys, the consequences of their actions, their families, their leaders and the Course.