Little Secret
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Adopted at childhood by a loving family after facing the loss of her parents, Kat led a life full of adventures. Now in her teenage years she is trying to fit into a “normal” life, as the world shows her how cruel living can be. After discovering a secret which threatens her life, she wonders if her dreams are still possible.

Heloisa is a dedicated mother who has been entrusted with the secret and will do everything to keep her family together; however, she knows that the future is unpredictable.

Jeanne, a beautiful young Amazonian native, falls in love with Robert, a New Zealander, with whom she discovers that her possibilities are infinite, however she forgets that destiny has plans of its own.

Barbara, an older English woman, who became cold and lonely, is capable of doing anything to get what she wants. When the past knocks on her door, she sets out on a journey to rediscover love.

Stories that cross borders and show that in this world people are pulled apart by destiny, racism and tragedy, but can be pulled together by friendship, tolerance and love. An inspiring film that will challenge the way you look at life.

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    David Shurmann/
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Fionnula Flanagan

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Erroll Shand

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Maria Flor

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Thomas Silvestre