Crime Exposed
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The mission: to drive down crime and make New Zealand’s meanest streets safer.

Narrated by Jesse Mulligan (7Days), Crime Exposed is the first New Zealand series to look beyond the thin, blue frontline of policing and delve deep into the inner workings of our police force, to discover the strategies, technologies, men and women that are the new wave of law enforcement.

Crime Exposed is a new kind of cop show for a new kind of policing. Our cameras follow a diverse range of crime fighting tales including a massive drug seizure operation and the intelligence behind it, we see how cutting edge surveillance technology is used to take down members of a prolific street gang and how the latest in crime prevention strategies leads to a colourful night amongst rowdy partygoers.

With unprecedented access to police officers and procedures, Crime Exposed tells the real story of how New Zealand police are waging the war on crime.